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Coast Guard Waste: Blame GSA
By Scott Willis


April 28, 2011

In response to Linda Heiser's post: I could not agree more. The reason the USCG and other Federal Agencies can not donate stuff to local charities is very complicated and to explain "why" would require volumes and volumes of books on the matter.

To sum thing up in a nutshell: The Coast Guard or any other federal agencies can NOT give things away is because the property is actually the responsibility of the GSA. Government Services Administration.

The good news is all things big and small once declared surplus is posted for sale on an auction site on the website. Anyone can buy it.

This is compliance to the equal opportunity policies GSA has established.

In all federal bureaucratic regulations there are loopholes.

This is the Loophole I want to share with my fellow Alaskans...

Local Military and Federal agencies through GSA can surplus Durable Surplus items to local Native and tribal Governmental Agencies before the items go to public auction.

If a person would like to volunteer and take the initiative to contact a local village Council or Native Agency, representation could be made to get GSA items locally at little or no cost. Once the property is transferred legally to Native and tribal officials, it can be deployed or used in any way deemed by that entity. In other words, work with a Native Agency and through that agency, everyone in the community can benefit!

Scott Willis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Alaskan Resident and former Military."

Received April 27, 2011 - Published April 28, 2011


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