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Recycling / salvaging
By Barbara Day


April 26, 2011

I often wonder why so many folks are upset when others are fortunate enough to have the talent and creativity to be able to recycle an item by utilizing it for something it was not manufactured for or by using components of a given item or items to make something useful from or repair it to be used for what it was intended.

Surely those who choose to salvage at the dumpsite in Ketchikan do nothing to upset the ecology nor the orderliness of said site.

We are a wasteful nation. Seldom do we think to repair what we have, just toss it out and replace it with something new. We also trash more edibles than any other nation. Many in the lower 48 are not interested in great grandma's patchwork quilt, so we dump it instead of donating it to an organization who could give it to someone who is in need of warmth. (Just one example of waste.)

Seniors, now retired, are used to working and working hard. After retirement, we try to find something useful to do with all those now empty hours. Many will earn a few dollars by repairing electronics, altering clothing, growing and selling plants, baking for others, etc. It gives us a sense of usefulness, a touch of happiness to be able to share our knowledge and abilities with others.

Some seniors will give of their time to charitable organizations in any way they are talented and bodily able to do so. Case in point, the folks who have cleaned unofficial dumpsites along the highways.

An original item may be repairable, if not, then stripped of reusable parts. Time and effort along with knowledge go along together to do this. It takes years for metals and some other substances to deteriorate completely, some detrimental to the ecology in the long run. If some folks are able to recycle the item, why not allow them full access to do so. The world is a better place because of them.

Barbara Day
Bremerton, WA

About: "Seven years Cub Scout Den Leader/Den Leader Coach plus several other Scouting committees, etc. Raised in the slim years after The Great Depression when everything was dear and built to last."

Received April 25, 2011 - Published April 26, 2011


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