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BLING ..... BLING ......
By Joey Garcia


April 18, 2011
Monday PM

It is unfortunate, really, that my inquiries about imposing drug-test to employees to focus on the rampant use and distribution of these menacing drugs can be seen, or felt, within the ranks and files of some of Ketchikan's fish processing companies.

Either the Ketchikan City, or the Borough, or a civic group of citizens, do something about this.

I have written a letter to Gov . Sean Parnell seeking his office assistance in the imposition of drug-test to fish processing companies that simply neglected this mandatory regulation on pre-hires. A once friend of mine who handles a supervisory position has even called me a liar when I questioned his company in their overseas pre-hire system which ran in contrast to other fish processing companies mandatory pre-hire drug test.

Does it go to show that this company can really boast of their exemption to this rule?

Eventually, even seasonal fish processors have confided with me that drug trafficking is rampant within their ranks, and I am just amazed that only a handful of related drug offenders have been caught -- thus smoking their trade behind bars.

Let us make Ketchikan a city where our children, or fish processors, or parents if I may, fight the conglomeration of the dreaded drug menace that can result in a big drop of criminality in our city. Making drug traffickers as a police asset does not mean eliminating the drug trade. It must be drawn within the line, and a red flag must be met. It needs the gavel of the judge and the perseverance of our citizenry to fight and in doing so, we shall maintain, with pride, that in summertime, tourists and locals will be able to enjoy the sights, join the crowds, and live without fear that the drug traffickers has been reckoned with.

Let us rally for this cause..................

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 17, 2011 - Published April 18, 2011


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