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Southeast Alaska's timber
By Douglas Burgess


April 13, 2011
Wednesday PM

Our corporation has yet more federal legislation that has been planned out without any real input from the traditional leadership. Tribal jobs have been given away to all Whites that lost their work due to the spotted owl.

Craig, Alaska had a population explosion that made a few retailers very rich, and the Native people became second class citizens.

Somebody was very convincing when it came time for preference hire. We have been convinced once again that we are not smart enough to do our own work. After 30 years you still do not run your own business. So, out of respect of Indian ways, let's put a stop to this genocide.

Douglas Burgess
Hydaburg, AK

About: I am a certified log and a Sealaska shareholder. I have sorted logs with many different companies.I have worked at being a trainee for so long, I find myself teaching my trainer.This company we call our own has been run predominately by Sealaska timber and this is not proper to hire imports for the last 30 years.This is not a Native Company. This timber industry has done an excellent job making everyone wealthy but the Native people. Does anybody realize that not one claim in all this time of logging were filed against the Puget Sound Scalers or Sealaska Timber? To me this indicates the buyers got all they wanted and more. Meanwhile, only directors and Sealaska employees (Sealaska timber) will receive golden parachutes after the fun is all over. Let's be honest and admit we were snowballed. This industry has caused very much damage to our environment and this is not the Indian way.

Received April 12, 2011 - Published April 13, 2011



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