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Sick and tired of KIC members' complaints
By Sue Allen


April 08, 2011
Friday PM

First of all Mr. Edwardson you forgot to mention you work for KIC, so yes of course you'll say it's a great place to work.

But what about the rest of us who don't work for KIC? I mean on the outside and on paper KIC seems like a wonderful place to be, their health care is some what improving (but still needs vast improving on the quality of care), employment is some what questionable. I understand that Drug testing is one of the newer things that is required, but how can you say it's a fair work environment when you have certain employees tooting their own horns saying they failed their test 2-3 times and then was let go but rehired back less than a month after they were let go? Their reasoning is only 2 people applied and they knew their job. How is that fair?

I've seen KIC go through changes some for the best, but then again some for the worst. It seems the only way to get ahead in this place is to be in with the tribal council, and if you dare to question the policies you and your family are red flagged and pretty much dropped. You want people to turn over their council rights? Why because they dare to question how things are being ran? A good council person would take the negative person and try to change their view point instead of black balling them.

So yes Mr. Edwarson, KIC is doing great things for the community but exactly who are they serving? Do you need to have the right last name, enough family to make a difference or do you just need to have an in with the tribal council and take everything that is said and done with a grain of salt and become a yes man? I thought we lived in a place where you can question things and not be penalized for questioning how things are run, and get the answer you seek. But I guess that is just high hopes, so much for the purist of happiness.

I understand Mr.Edwarson, yes KIC is doing great things (since you are employeed through them you would say wonderful things about your place of employment) but exactly what is the price that you're questioning "complaining" tribal members, since you are so gun ho about them voluntarily (which really isn't when you force them to become a yes man, or you black ball them into going to other place of health care or any other kind of assistance) to turn over their rights. I think someone should be bold enough to stand up for what's right and start answering questions and fixing problems instead of creating new ones or sweeping them under a rug. It's just food for thought.

Sue Allen
Ketchikan, AK

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Received April 05, 2011 - Published April 08, 2011


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