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KIC Complaints
By Cynthia Taylor


April 08, 2011
Friday PM

In response to Mr. Edwardson's letter about members of KIC complaining. First Mr. Edwardson I am glad you are sometimes employed by our corporation as is several of your family members. Must be nice! In case the people didn't know this.

As far as complaining there are complaint boxes all over the KIC building for ITS members to fill out. So this is welcomed at our corporation, you for one should know this as I can openly complain to you as an employee of KIC.

The complaints are about the lack of leadership we have at KIC. The past three weeks I have been trying to acquire information from KIC and still no answers. We don't know is what several employees in the health departments tell me.

Also KIC does not know what legal documents they are going by as observed in last night's meeting. So Mr. Edwardson if you don't like the INPUT KIC members present to the council then why don't you find another place to work. You work for the members not yourself. We are the driving force behind the council and the members have awakened. They will not sit back and say oh well any more. It is about time KIC lives up to the 1979 constitution that the counsil stands by.

Also isn't it funny that your office was one that was targeted at KIC... hmmmmm. Let's think about that one. What was taken and why, what are the employees afraid of and are getting rid of?

So, Mr. Edwardson before you speak out about why I have a complaint maybe you should first know me, because I know you.

Cynthia Taylor
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lived in Ketchikan all my life, retired from the school district, KIC member."

Received April 05, 2011 - Published April 08, 2011


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