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'Jazz Night', the Annual Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship Concert, Thursday, April 28, 2011


April 23, 2011

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Are you ready to listen to a little jazz, rock, blues, latin, funk, and ballads?  

The Kayhi Jazz Band will perform their set that earned them a 'Superior" rating at the recent SE Alaska Music Festival, and the Windjammers and Soundwaves/Discovery bands will also perform.

jpg Combined bands of Windjammers,Soundwaves, Discovery and the Kayhi Jazz Band

Combined bands of Windjammers,Soundwaves, Discovery and the Kayhi Jazz Band at the  Jazz, Rock and Blues concert December 2010
Photograph by Dale Miller

The combined bands of Discovery and Soundwaves, directed by Roy McPherson will open the concert with the swing tune "Groovin' Down Cool Street" by Robert W. Smith. Joe Truitt, a senior at Ketchikan High School (Kayhi) will be featured flugelhorn soloist on the beautiful ballad, "Velvet Rain". The Santana favorite, "Oye Como Va" is followed by the Jackson 5 rock tune, "Never Can Say Goodbye" with alto saxophone soloist, Katie Powers, and Matthew Johnson on trumpet. Wrapping up the set is a Don Ellis piece by Sam Falzone called "Go Back Home". Featured are senior tenor saxophonist, Andy Sullivan and  Matthew Johnson on electric guitar. Both are members of the trumpet section.

The Kayhi Jazz Band directed by Julie Cron will open with "Alright, Okay You Win". Kayhi senior trombonist, Dwayne Clary will be featured on Melissa Manchester's "Come In From The Rain", followed by the classic 30's standard "Undecided". A salsa-style piece by Armando Rivera ,"El Final Del Verano" (The End of Summer) will complete the Kayhi set.

The Windjammers, directed by Roy McPherson will perform the Latin classic "Samba De Rollins" by tenor saxophonist Don Menza. Menza has many contributions to jazz as a composer/arranger, session musician and jazz educator. He played in the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra, the Stan Kenton band, the Buddy Rich band, and in the bands of Elvin Jones and Louie Bellson. This piece features soloists, Don Loughman ( trumpet), Dwayne Clary (trombone), Rob Holston ( trombone) and Dave Kiffer on tenor sax. Loughman is also featured on flugelhorn in the ballad, "Portrait of Winnette".

Kayhi senior, Gunnar Keizer will be featured cello soloist on the Ralph Towner composition "Icarus", arranged for jazz ensemble by Roy McPherson. This piece, made famous by saxophonist, Paul Winter is a beautiful ballad which has been recorded many times by the Paul Winter Consort, on albums such as "Common Ground", a celebration of Earth and life.

The Lennon/McCartney hit, "Blackbird" has been creatively arranged for jazz ensemble by Mike Tomaro, and also features Don Loughman. Bill Liston's composition "Another Look at the Diminished Chord" is 30's swing with a very interesting harmonic structure. Liston is a woodwind player and composer, and has recorded with Ray Charles, Chicago, Michael Buble, James Brown and Tony Bennett, and has many credits to his name in the movie/television business. Soloists are Dale Curtis on trumpet and Dave Kiffer on tenor saxophone.

Trombonist Rob Holston will be featured in the popular ballad "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most", written in 1955, and arranged in this setting by Frank Mantooth. This piece has been recorded by June Christy, Barbara Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald and Bette Midler.

Leslie Snodderly is the featured baritone saxophonist, in the Charles Mingus tune "Moanin'". Mingus recorded this tune on his "Blues and Roots" album. The catchy melody is interspersed with improvisation and has a very bluesy feel.

As in the past all of the bands will combine to perform "Jericho" arranged by Chris Sharp. Using the melody from "Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho" Sharp creatively employs the rhythmic feel and ostinato from Benny Goodman's "Sing, Sing, Sing". The finale to Thursday's concert will be reflections from "Blue Flame" made famous by the Woody Herman band.

This concert is brought to you by Ketchikan High School and McPherson Music and all proceeds go toward helping high school seniors interested in majoring in music and/or the arts in college. Past recipients are listed on the program. Donations for the scholarship fund will be accepted at the door

'Jazz Night', the Jerry Galley Memorial Scholarship Concert will be held Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Ketchikan High School (Kayhi).


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