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DPS Commissioner Extends Studded Tire Deadline


April 20, 2010

Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner Joseph Masters issued an emergency order on April 14th to extend the studded-tire deadline on Alaska roads south of 60 degrees north latitude from April 15 to May 1. The extension makes May 1 the deadline for all Alaska roads. According to AS 28.35.155, April 15 and May 1 are the normal deadlines to have studded tires removed; however, the order extends the studded tire season deadline due to poor road conditions in parts of the area south of 60 degrees north latitude.

The 60 degree latitude line crosses Alaska south of Ninilchik and north of Happy Valley and just north of Yakutat in the Southeast. These communities, with the exception of the Sterling Highway, were subject to the April 15 deadline. The Sterling Highway that runs across the Kenai Peninsula falls under the normal May 1 deadline.

The extension should provide all motorists that additional margin of safety on lingering winter roads. This extension should also show that the State of Alaska is concerned enough to remain flexible in deadlines to best ensure the safety on roads.

Those driving with studded tires after the deadline could be issued a correctable ticket with a $50 fine. Fee schedules for various municipalities may be different.



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