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IRS expects about ten million people to file for tax extension


April 13, 2010

The IRS Tax extension form 2010 for those late filers of U.S. federal tax has been made available to users. All taxpayers can grab the form 4868 from the IRS website which allows a tax extension form 2010 to be downloaded instantly.

The IRS Tax deadline is set for April 15, 2010 and the IRS expects about ten million people to file the tax extension form for 2010. The form is needed so they will not be penalized for missing the April 15 deadline. Most U.S. citizens must file a tax return to the IRS by April 15 but for late filers and extension can be obtained.

For those that have a tax bill, that amount must be paid when the extension is filed. The tax extension does not exempt filers from paying the tax bill.

The tax extension allows filers to send in their return late with the new cutoff being six months later on October 15.

According to the IRS, the tax extension form is available online as form # 4868.




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