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The times are a changing?
By Reed Harding


April 23, 2010

Editor of Sitnews,

As the country struggles in the turmoil of unprecedented healthcare reform by the current centrist administration many misguided individuals nash their terrible teeth and groan aloud "we don't want change". I awoke today and realized that I do not recognize my own country. Things have changed so much this past year I can't even point out what has actually changed. In fact, there could have been no change at all but that's not what everyone is saying so it must be a completely new country devoid of any principles and understanding that once existed. I can attest to the validity of the following piece as I wrote it rather than merely copying someone else's opinion.

Left and right thinking people have divided this country into two groups. I will call them the lefties and the righties because it sounds funny and people who think this way are in fact a joke. The righties are always right and the lefties are always right as well. This makes a lot of since most people I have met outside of the United States think that US political structure leans so far to the right that there is no actual left present rather the right, the far right, and the extremely far right. While this is fun to write it really doesn t mean a lot. That is because left and right are just labels and few people out there prescribe fully to one or the other.

The cruel truth is we are not all that much different despite what some people want you to believe. The greatest trick ever played on the American people is the one that divides us along imaginary ideological lines. The people who continue to perpetrate this obvious distortion are the real issue. We need to think outside these lines to find the real answers that will allow us to deal with our very real problems.

Reed Harding
Ketchikan, AK

About: " I am a married father of two who is a technologically forward thinking individual. I have studied social policy and history at the University of Washington. I like to think outside the box and I believe strongly in the power of our community to work together to meet our challenges."

Received April 21, 2010 - Published April 23, 2010

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