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Married Man's Trail and other stuff
By Kara McElroy-Steele


April 21, 2010

Regarding Ms. Susan Coady's letter about Married Mans trail, I have two things to say. Back in the day (if you lived there for 25 yrs you should remember this), it was common place down on the Tongass dock, for homeless drunks to sit and sleep, behind it and in front of it (before it turned into Tourist Central!). You would also see them hangin out around the loop of bars all the way around the corner by Tom Sawyers.

Because of the police and public complaints, they migrated to an area where people aren't this time of year...not saying it's ok, but just because you don't see something in front of you doesn't mean it's not there. Don't take your kids down Married Man's Trail until later in the season! You do remember why it's called that right? Goes straight to Dolly's house??? Depending on the age of your kids, don't take them down there till later in the year. Find other places to go.... don't take an "alley" when an open street is right there. All about choices. I would NEVER have put my kids in that sort of situation. Choose to be a more street smart Mom and don't drag kids down into an area that seems seedy just because YOU think you should be there.

Sorry, but that whole area by Park Avenue to the Ballfields, are and always have been the low side of town. It can be scary. About the speed? I've been there with my girlfriend during the summer, during all the busy ball games her son plays, and everyone slows down........ (when they don't, you see Fathers running out to yell at them to slow their roll) because they don't want to see ANY child or adult hurt or killed. If you're seeing this "speeding" after hours, and your inside, or safe in the park, and the POLICE say pretty much "Sorry", keep your kids away from the road! If it's that Bad, sit out there with a chair, and be one of those little old ladies who like to write down license numbers to annoy the cops. However, legally, IF they don't see it, especially a speeding vehicle, you're out of luck. Would you want the police knocking on your door, saying that some anonymous person saw YOU speeding somewhere earlier in the day, and someone called you in? How fair would that be? It's not.

So play by the rules, take your children to a safer place if you're that concerned (like the beach) to play. If you're still not satisfied, get active in your Community Watch Program or start one! Gotta start somewhere! Start with solutions, rather than complaints, and you will get a a lot farther! Good luck!


Kara McElroy-Steele
Kenai, AK

About: "33 yr resident of Ketchikan, 12 yr resident currently of Kenai Alaska"

Received April 18, 2010 - Published April 21, 2010


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