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Sealaska Landless
By Vernon Grant


April 07, 2010

As a Sealaska landless shareholder, this is my perspective on this landless issue. First of all if we let the government slide on the promise to fulfill the ANCSA that they have signed and left unresolved to be out voted by communities that have not been awaiting the passed 40 years for this land issue to be finalized, this will be a blow too our own state and give way to a mind set that they can get away with not upholding any and all promises made too any sect or bill.

If they can get away with it with this bill, then with this mind set and narrow vision of their responsibilities to the state and other potential life changing bills that could and are in the works to better our life styles and cultures, be it native or any other nationality, ignored and allowed to be out voted once again, leaving us with nothing but what land we live on if any at all and being surrounded by nothing but national parks and complete government controlled lands. If once again they speak of our right to use or occupy any lands that they have deemed national parks, what then will we have?

We will be living out our lives in a environment run by the government that has this ill fated perspective of what we can do or not do in our own back yard. Picture this,you are now living in the after math of the out voted S.881 and the government now has total control over every piece of land that once was thought of as the "Land of the last frontier" is now the land of "Do Not Trespass" posted on everything as well as the remote beaches and once thought of serene areas for public use is now a national park now owned by the federal government and we cannot even go out for a picnic on our own beaches or hunt or fish in certain specific areas unless we wish to violate the laws they have formed to keep us off our own lands we once lived so freely on.

If you're not careful our own decisions can be turned on us and be used against us, just as the government has done for such a long time already, not everything we allow too happen will be good for everyone, but a good for the many over all it's a stepping stone in the direction in which our state is taking to ensure they or no other outside entity will force you or I to be forced out of our own culture or life style or homes regardless if it's the government or any other source.

Vernon Grant
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 07, 2010 - Published April 05, 2010



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