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Ice Skating Rink and Dog Park
By Tony Gwynn


April 07, 2010

I'm pretty sure that most people in Ketchikan would love to have an indoor ice rink and an indoor/outdoor dog park. Myself included. So I say this next part with all due respect. If you are passionate about an indoor ice rink or dog park then take the necessary steps to create those two very worthwhile dreams!!! But please don't steal the hard work and vision of the proposed Ward Cove indoor recreation facility.

A group of parents got together and formed a plan to help provide more recreational opportunities for Ketchikan's youth. A place that not only our youth could utilize, but also adults who wanted to stay in shape. These hard working people put in countless hours going over different plans, different ideas and have formulated some pretty spectacular plans for a recreation center from what it will entail inside, to the financial aspects needed to operate the facility. And they scoured our fine city for a location. Instead of just talking about it and writing letters to the paper about it - they worked together and did it!!!!! Now they are presenting their idea to the council and to the residents of Ketchikan to see if the support is there to make their vision a reality.

Ideally we could have all three things - an ice skating rink, an indoor dog park and the WL recreation center. But again, with all respect, I implore the people who are dedicated to the rink and dog park to form your own group and draw up plans, figure out the financial situation and find a perfect location for your rink or park, and not just backdoor another group's plans and try and take-over the facility they found. That group has put in the time, effort and work .I know you guys can do it too!!!!!!

Tony Gwynn
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Loves baseball and thinks our kids would greatly benefit from an indoor sports facility at Ward Cove. Born in San Diego, but has lived in Ketchikan for the past 15 years."

Received April 05, 2010 - Published April 05, 2010



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