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Tea Party Protest?
By A.M.Johnson


April 07, 2010


As April 15th draws near, I ask if the local Tea Party group will have a "Tea Party" protest at the usual haunt of Jefferson and Tongass? I read of many such events being planned and publicized across America now to encourage interested citizens to participate. As frustrated as I am towards the direction our Country is taking under this administration, I would welcome a local opportunity to share with like thinking Americans.

It would be exciting if at same time the local Democrats would take the "Left" hand corner at First Bank and provide us with their justification and support for the Socialist turn their Party has taken. I would like to be able to recognize those supporters, I mean, if I desire to proudly demonstrate against socialism as I view it developing, wouldn't the Democrats have the same level of pride for their Party's stance?

The Republicans could take the Liberty Tax corner to the "Right" during this protest providing us with the pride they have for their RINO Senator and justify Representative Young's stance on being against Term Limits, Support of Earmarks, and maybe an explanation of the some two million dollars rumored spent from his campaign funds to fight something in his closet. Gee, he and the "Won" could share stories on why they both have spent so much to cover up something about birth certificates and such.

Perhaps, as both Republican and Democrat Parties have claimed for years to want balanced budgets, they could join together explain to the Tea Party contingent why we don't have them? Or not.

So- I am looking forward to the local Tea Party to start advertising for the Tea Party protest now so all of those who are frustrated can prepare our flags, signs and schedule time.


My Bible, The Constitution, My Gun
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Frustrated Senior Citizen watching Socialism swamp our Country. I fear for my Grandchildren and beyond."

Received April 06, 2010 - Published April 05, 2010



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