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Deermount Parking
By Jennifer Tavares


April 30, 2009

My family & I live on Deermount St. where the speed limit is currently 25 MPH. The city is considering removing parking on half of my street, which my neighbors and I feel this will encourage speeding even more. I have been speaking to Chief of Police Ed Talik about my concerns. Mr. Talik and the other police officers have been extremely helpful in watching our neighborhood for people going too fast. I was unaware the limit on many residential streets are 25 - I always thought in these areas it was 20 MPH. Water St, Woodland, Baranof- every little road the limit is the same as the main street Tongass Ave. I don't understand why in areas where families live and little children play the speed limit is 25, and downtown where the "tourists" visit in the summer is 20! Does this make any sense at all?!?

Many people think just because the limit is set at something, they need to go that fast. Careless drivers don't seem to pay attention that certain places in town have many kids in the area, and need to be more cautious. Residential streets, places where kids get on and off school buses, playgrounds, the baseball fields, and many other locations, DRIVERS NEED TO S-L-0-W D-O-W-N. If anyone has a concern about the speed limit in their neighborhood, they should definitely call the police department and speak to Chief Talik. He has only been in our community a short while, but is helping to make a big difference. If you don't voice your concerns, you can't expect a change. Thank you.

Jennifer Tavares
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 28, 2008 - Published April 30, 2009


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