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By David G. Hanger


April 30, 2009

One Connie Emmert hails that the tea party movement has been "a huge success!" So successful that using her base numbers a total of less than three one-hundredths of one percent of the citizens of this country participated.

Connie rattles on, "In our personal lives, if we are in financial difficulty we cut back on frivolous spending; we don't go out and max out our credit cards. So it should be with the country. We can't spend our way into prosperity." Here fundamental ignorance is on display, for in fact what you save is someone else's lost job. It is certainly true at the individual level that basic logic suggests that going into a deep recession or depression deep in debt is not a good idea, but that more than anything else merely demonstrates the limits of basic logic. So long as you still have some cash flow, debt is not necessarily that much a problem for the simple reason that in inflationary circumstances you repay the debt with cheaper dollars. Furthermore, recent modeling indicates stock values are directly affected by individual savings rates. A savings rate of five percent and the market is at 6000; at eight percent the market goes down to 3500. The economy is an engine that has to keep churning. If you sit on your ass, it will, too.

Perhaps again fundamental ignorance resulted in your choice of symbology. "A tea party." Now perhaps you intended this to be somehow a statement about "no taxation without representation," but that, of course, is a lie on its surface because you do have representation. Whether you like what you have is another issue, but you do have representation. In American history the "tea party" is the Boston Tea Party, a direct harbinger of what is called the American Revolution, in fact a rare example of a successful civil war. Since there is no reality to your so-called tax issue, then your symbology intends to represent intolerance, revolution, and separation, a result that can only be brought about by killing a substantial number of your neighbors.

You then reinforce this message in fact with demonstrators showing up carrying guns at some of your demonstrations, and then start parroting your favorite southern cracker governor, Rick Perry of Texas, by calling for secession. If you don't get it, then you are ignorant beyond hope, for linking secession with our first black President within three months of his inauguration is as racist as you can get.

I would, therefore, suggest to you, Mr. Davis, that if you do not consider yourself a racist you separate yourself from a group whose symbology is fundamentally racist. I in fact share some of your concerns about deficits and how all this bailout crap is working, but I don't think spewing racist filth has anything to do with that. I do believe quite a number of tea party participants have not thought through what the symbols of this movement in fact represent. Dump this garbage, and wise up. If you are against taxes, start the "I'm Against Taxes" movement. If you really want to secede, take note, three one-hundredths of one percent of the population does not even represent a serious police problem.

I would otherwise simply refer you, Mr. Davis, to this silly letter by one Richard Easbey wherein it is difficult to discern whether it is shaving cream or drool that is flowing down his chin so freely. I am sure you do not want to be considered an associate of such as this.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 30, 2008 - Published April 30, 2009


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