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By Charles Edwardson


April 30, 2009

I have recently been nominated and placed and the KPU advisory board. My main interest in sitting on this board is to understand Ketchikan Public Utilities (KPU) and to understand the sale of the publicly owned utility - KPU PHONE DIVISION - and the discussion of the sale of a company you and I own, without you or I involved in the discussion.

That is how far this government and management has come in Ketchikan. This management and government (city council ) has apparently reached a point of competency to make decisions for you and I, without having to discuss such an important issue with either of us.

The management even hired a consulting company for 90 something thousand to do a study on the sale of this publicly owned phone company. And in the contract they would receive the 90 something thousand for the study and 140 something if the phone company you and own sells. What do you think their study showed? SELL ???? That was a stroke of genius (sarcasm). "What the hell do you think the advice would be" and who approved a contract like that in the first place?

Also I read in the paper about a new phone system ( nobody wanted) installed downtown that would not allow the credit card machines to work. properly without "fooling the system" quote from the Daily News.

In that article someone from management said they knew the system would not work but put it in anyway, "Management had to go down town to fix it" -- is it because they put in a system that our crews cannot fix, and how intelligent is it to put in a system no one can work on , a system management knew would not work? A system that could negatively affect tax revenue by inhibiting credit card sales right before the only lifeline we have -- the TOUR SEASON. The biggest sales tax generating season we have. Who approved this kind of a gamble? Who would jeopardize this much needed source of revenue with out consulting the rightful owners of this company ( you and I )?

These are the questions I would like answers to. If you are interested in this my contact info is on Sitnews info page or 254-9000. Leave a message cause I don't answer phone much. Also please only contact work phone 254-9000. When I'm at home I don't care to discuss things that would ruin my dinner.

And as an owner of this phone company, I would like my share of the sales revenue sent to me direct deposit , or a cashiers check made payable to Charles E Edwardson.

I assume we will sell at a profit -- so the profit should be distributed amongst the owners right??

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 28, 2008 - Published April 30, 2009


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