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By Aimee Perry-Mazzella


April 30, 2009

I am an avid reader of this website to keep up with the "Hometown News" and felt compelled to respond to this issue.

I haven't lived in Ketchikan since 1996 but I was born and raised there and it still has a very special place in my life, I still refer to it as "back home". I live in a sleepy little town in Connecticut that parts of it remind me a lot of home. My memories of Ketchikan from childhood are great, growing up on Park Ave in a friendly neighbourhood, with the creek right behind my house, & great neighbours. My father and his wife are still residents there and have property there in the area as well. I would love to be able to share this part of my "childhood home" with my children & husband but am unable to due to the un-godly prices of the tickets to there. Last time my family and I were there was 4 yrs ago and we had to save for a whole year to be able to afford it! It shouldn't be that way.

Now, the price for me and my family to get to Seattle is LESS money than for us to get Ketchikan, which I am sure you already know. The average price for a plane ticket from Hartford to Seattle is about $250 round trip *give or take* the price from Seattle to Ketchikan is $635 round trip!!!! Now your talking about $800 per person with taxes and fees for just ME, that doesn't include my 2 children or my husband. The total cost for us would be $3200....where as we could go to Seattle, get plane tickets, stay at a nice hotel, rent a car, do all the "fun stuff" there all for MUCH less.

It's just too bad that AlaskaAir feels the need to have the monopoly on the air space up there and people like me can't afford to go home for a visit with their families. It's unfortunate that you have your mind made up for you instead of being allowed to make a choice between airlines based on price. If I had the choice and was able to pay a reasonable price to get there, I would definately visit my family more often.

Aimee Perry-Mazzella
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 26, 2008 - Published April 30, 2009


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