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By Zak Young


April 25, 2009

Mr. Steiner has a valid point, which is very simply "BUY A HOUSE, END OF STORY!"

However, since my previous letter was referenced, I feel the need to rebut!

Rent is high in Ketchikan, food costs are above average in Ketchikan, fuel is higher than national average in Ketchikan, all of that was stated in my previous letter. Thats all a given. What is not OK about this situation, is while fuel, food, clothing, etc is on a pretty stable percentage above national average, the rent is RIDICULOUSLY high!

I made my situation clear for the world to read. I make less than $30,000 per year. I have a stable job, with benefits, and I don't intend on giving that up, especially with the job market like it is. We're not as affected by the economy here as far as jobs are concerned, but in other places in the world it's MUCH worse. Employees are being dropped like bad habits in the lower 48.

Your solution of "buy a house, end of story" is not attainable for 95% of people in my income bracket. ONE YEAR'S SALARY is barely a down payment on a small house in this market!

So once again, I bring up my previous statements about this economy and the "Porkulous Package."

Wheres MY money? The money I make should go to ME, not some exuberantly rich CEO who had to cut back to the $250 a bottle scotch, who, God forbid, has to settle for a $50 neck tie, and for the love of all things holy, should DEFINITELY NOT go to "bailout" his company because he didn't properly plan for a recession. Why should I have to take the money that I can't save due to cost of living here, and give it to someone in another state, who has millions in his pocket, but doesn't want to cut back himself for the betterment of his company!

It's greed, its selfishness, it's LUDICROUS!!!

Mr. Steiner, I will buy a house and shut up about extremely ridiculous rental costs, when YOU take YOUR money and give it to ME to make a down payment on that house. After all, that's what this country is all about, right?? Free Handouts! Expecting the world when you don't work for it, and in a LOT of cases, getting it? Making the working public eat the costs of those who choose to be rude, selfish, non-contributing members of society?

I work hard, I take care of myself and my friends, and I do my best to be a positively contributing resident of Ketchikan, but I can't do as much as I'd like with half of my check or more going to housing that is barely livable. Something needs to be done....Laws should be passed....those greedy landlords need to realize that people out there are eventually not going to be able to afford rent when it keeps going up. Just like anything, drop the rental costs, and they will come. Reduce cost to a sensible level that both landlord and tenant can live with, and everyone is happy.

Stop greedily grabbing every last dime from those of us who are busting our humps to make it in this world!

Zak Young
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ketchikan resident for 5 years, and DANG tired of being held hostage by landlords"

Received April 24, 2008 - Published April 25, 2009


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