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Fiddler Problem
By Rodney Dial


April 25, 2009

RE: The fiddler on the roof carving on Creek St. not being in compliance with zoning laws.

I find it interesting that Borough denied the Fiddler on the Roof carving due in part to it not being consistent with the history of Ketchikan and theme of Creek Street.

My question to the borough is this:

Where were you when the City was installing the galvanized pole signs all over downtown, including the Creek Street area? Just what part of our heritage, history, etc. do the poles represent?

If you re so concerned with Ketchikan s image then perhaps you may consider asking the Fire Department to stop wallpapering downtown business with yellow certificate of compliance stickers. If I was a tourist I would think our city was quarantined for bird flu.

Here is a thought ask the fire department mail the stickers to the business owners, and have the high school kids who built the whale benches build some nice wooden signs (wood is consistent with Ketchikan s history). I m sure it will be a lot cheaper than the $338,000.00 that the City spent on the poles.

Standards must be consistent for all, including and especially for government. For future reference keep this in mind when the city asks for big exemptions on parking requirements / codes.

Rodney Dial
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Local business owner"

Received April 24, 2009 - Published April 25, 2009


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