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Tea Party Report
By Connie Emmert


April 25, 2009

A PajamasTV report estimates that about one million people came out for the Tax Day Tea Parties across the nation!  What a huge success!  Not only that, but a Rasmussen poll this week showed that 51% of Americans viewed the tea parties favorably, while only 33% viewed them unfavorably.  

I'm not surprised.  These numbers indicate the common sense of most Americans.  In our personal lives, if we are in financial difficulty we cut back on frivolous spending; we don't go out and max out our credit cards.  So it should be with the country.  We can't spend our way into prosperity.  If we could, George Bush would be one of our greatest heros right now.  It makes no sense to demonize the Bush administration for spending too much and then turn and give the Obama administration laud and honor for multiplying that spending. One of my favorite tea party signs summed it up so well.  "How can debt be the problem and the solution?"   Most people know that it can't be.

Way to go Americans!  It's good to see that you still have common sense!  And there is nothing more American and patriotic than peaceful dissent when our government is lacking in it.

Connie Emmert
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 25, 2009 - Published April 25, 2009



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