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Unbelievable Renters
By Susan Hoyt


April 21, 2009

I read the letter "Unbelievable Rental Costs". I am not defending high rents but I must add that I have had my share of great renters and I thought I might share just a couple stories.

I have had a number of renters that seem to think that they need to pay their bills first instead of their rent (I guess rent isn't considered a bill?) I had a renter that lived in my rental for 4 months (without paying) that's how long it took to get them out, clean up the mess, including 2 pickup truck loads to haul off the garbage (in some random papers were some old eviction notices non payment of rent? kidding!) Or how about the renter who signed the lease "no pets". It took a professional cleaning to get rid of the smell from the non existing pets. Then there's the woman who decided she needed into her best friend's apartment so she broke out the window. And the man who decided to add on a bedroom and forgot to tell me. (It"s True!) Then the guy who moved a trailer (3 bedrooms not a little travel trailer) and 3 junk trucks on the property without asking. Ketchikan Gateway Borough tried to sue me for running a junk yard! How about the lady whose dog ate 3 doors and half a wall (another no pet deal). The list goes on and on . And don't say "Hey lady don't you check references?" Sure I do but it doesn't help when the previous landlord says they are WONDERFUL just to get rid of them quickly.

So yes maybe landlords raise the rent just because they can. And others are just trying to keep up with maintaining what renters destroy!

Susan Hoyt
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 19, 2009 - Published April 21, 2009


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