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Re: Drivers
By Doug Johnson


April 21, 2009

I share some of Mr. Harper's frustrations. I see just as many over cautious drivers driving well under the speed limit for no apparent reason. Maybe they lack the driving skill necessary to manipulate the corners at speed, maybe they have no place to go and don't care how long it takes them to get there.

Drivers should always drive within their own limits, the limits of their vehicle, and for road conditions. But driving slower than the posted speed limit can also be a safety hazard. It makes other drivers take unnecessary risk and attempt passing slower vehicles in unsafe areas. There are only a few legal passing zones on the north end.

While I would love to see slow drivers pull to the shoulder or even pull off the road (the safer option) so that I can pass and keep my "schedule" as Mr. Harper put it, but take into consideration the following:

If you lived at 15 mile and drove at 50 mph, it would take 18 minutes to reach town. If you got stuck behind the car going 40 mph you would arrive 4.5 minutes later...and if, Heaven Forbid, get stuck behind a member of the 35-mile an hour club, you would arrive 7.7 minutes later.

Is 7 minutes really that big a deal, maybe for some. Just something to think about. When I get stuck behind slower moving vehicles, I will pass if the appropriate time arises; if not, I crank up the radio and watch the scenery pass.

Doug Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 17, 2009 - Published April 21, 2009


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