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Truth Scenario!
By Arilee Bird


April 16, 2009

Chas Edwardson, I raise you high for your succinct portrayal of what's gone on for years. I used to spit my coffee like you, and then have morning 'incredulous blowouts', and finally started wondering: "Where the heck do I get in line for these outrageous handouts?" Lie like a rug, devise a devious hell-bent-for-failure plan, sell the council and Ta-Dah! Make big lying 'doo-doo', and come out of it with big bucks, and smelling somewhat like a rose, but leaving a stench. Apparently if one is not part of the "inner circle" that keeps it going.

Chas Edwardson Quote: "I SOLD MY HOUSE TO A FRIEND FOR 500,000 DOLLARS OF WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED , THEN I LET MY FRIEND REMODEL MY HOUSE AND THEN i ASKED ANOTHER FRIEND WHO DOESN'T REALLY LIKE ME (Palin admin) TO BORROW 9 AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS TO BUY MY HOUSE BACK. BUT FIRST I WANTED MY 1ST FRIEND TO RECOVER HIS COST. SO I WANT TO LEASE THE house I owned in the first place!! FOR TEN YEARS AT NEARLY 4 AND A HALF MILLION, SO I NEED TO BORROW the 4 AND A HALF MILL (FROM WHOEVER) SO AS NOT TO INCONVENIENCE MY 1ST FRIEND, TO GET THE HOUSE BACK THAT I OWNED IN THE FIRST PLACE. This does sound funny - doesn't it?? Or is it just me? I'm sure there's more to it?? But if someone from the outside who read this not knowing the genius of our Borough Assembly -- "VENEER MILL, BOWL FACTORY, WARD COVE" -- they would think it was funny."

Oh, I ponder and ponder, and it remains incredulous that this continues.

Glad I'm out of your loop.... but it still blows me away that elections still result in the same 'poo' happening. If anyone ever figures out what that 'thing' is that happens once a person is elected in Ketchikan.. where their logic, common sense, financial sense, understanding and empathy of their community goes to [poo], you really ought to tell the rest of us.

I'm constantly astounded!

Arilee Bird
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 14, 2009 - Published April 16, 2009


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