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Convicted Sex Offenders, Kidnappers Required To Turn in e-mail Addresses


April 12, 2008

(SitNews) - The Alaska Legislature passed significant legislation Thursday to protect Alaska's children from convicted sex offenders and child kidnappers that may use the internet to search for new victims. Sen. Bill Wielechowski, D-Anchorage is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 185, a bill requiring convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses, instant messaging addresses and any other internet communication identifiers with the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

"Anyone capable of abusing or kidnapping a child gives up some personal freedoms and privacy even after release from prison," said Wielechowski. "We know that the internet is the new hunting ground for sexual predators so our laws need to guard children and adults from being victimized."

Wielechowski noted that Alaska has the highest rate of internet use in the nation and one of the highest rates of sex offenders.

SB 185 also gives judges the ability to require these offenders to wear electronic monitoring devices for the entire duration of probation or parole.

The legislation now goes to the Governor to be signed in to law.


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Alaska Senate Bipartisan Working Group


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