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Alaska Democratic Party Calls on Sen. Stevens To Answer Questions


April 12, 2008

Anchorage, Alaska - The Alaska Democratic Party challenged Sen. Ted Stevens yesterday to answer questions about his role in the Republican corruption scandal, and invited him to point out specific items on the Democrats website that are inaccurate or distort his record.

On Thursday, Stevens asked Mark Begich to request that the Democratic Party to take down its web site, claiming it "smears and distorts" his record. reveals some of the many ways Senator Stevens, who is under federal investigation for corruption, has misused his public office.

"If anything on is inaccurate, Sen. Stevens can point that out and we will correct it," said Alaska Democratic Party Chair Patti Higgins.

"Alaskans have a lot of unanswered questions about Ted Stevens' record and behavior," Higgins said. "Alaskans know that Bill Allen of Veco testified that he illegally paid to remodel Ted Stevens' home. Alaskans deserve an explanation. Alaskans have questions of their U.S. Senator that deserve answers. How much has he spent on legal fees and who is paying them? What is the purpose of Ted Stevens' North to the Future Foundation and what has happened to the $2.8 million dollars it has raised?"

" points out a number of questions that the public and press have raised against Ted Stevens. The site points to documented information that is sited. If there are specific issues that Ted Stevens will disclose information on and prove are inaccurate, we would be happy to amend the site," Higgins said.

Sen. Stevens is under investigation for allegedly steering federal contracts to VECO, a company at the heart of Alaska's Republican corruption scandal. The FBI is investigating whether Sen. Stevens had a role in arranging VECO's big government contract with the National Science Foundation.

"Ted is under a cloud of suspicion and that is hurting his effectiveness, Higgins said.

"The worse of it is, the legitimacy of Alaska's needs may be disbelieved in Washington because our chief spokesperson has lost credibility and trust. It's time to retire Sen. Stevens," Higgins said. "Alaskans need an ethically attuned Senator who can inspire the trust of colleagues and constituents."



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