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House State Affairs Moves Anti-Real ID Act Bill
Measure Requires Legal Presence for an Alaska Driver's License


April 07, 2008

(SitNews) - The Alaska House State Affairs Committee has unanimously passed Senate Bill (SB) 202 out of committee, a bill that would prohibit the state from spending funds solely for the purpose of implementing the federal "Real ID Act."

Rep. Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage, said that while he had some concerns about SB 202, he was reassured by the bill's sponsor Sen. Wielechowski, D-Anchorage, that his bill would "absolutely have no impact" on legal presence bills like House Bill (HB) 3 or the good business practices of the DMV. HB 3 is Rep. Lynn's legal presence bill that requires legal presence for drivers' licenses and state ID cards.

HB 3 has been inaccurately called "The back door to Real ID Act" by those who believe illegal aliens should have drivers' licenses. "We've gotten calls from citizens who are concerned about Real ID as it relates to HB 3," said Rep. Lynn. "We tell them, simply put: legal presence doesn't equal Real ID compliance. Once this is understood by opponents of Real ID, resistance to HB 3 usually goes away. For example, radio talk show host and Real ID opponent Eddie Burke is an example of a person once opposed to HB 3 but who is now a strong supporter."

"Our party's platform states that we support proof of legal presence to obtain and maintain a driver's license," said Rep. Lynn. "In that same platform there is a plank that supports the anti-Real ID language of SB 202. These planks should give impetus to advance HB 3 and SB 202, the former of which has not yet moved from the House Finance Committee to the House floor for a vote. The 90-day session is coming to an end. Time is short. I hope we are not too late."

"House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 202 are compatible, but accomplish different things," added Rep. Lynn. "SB 202 responds to the concerns of many Alaskans who view the federal Real ID Act as a step towards a national ID card. My HB 3 simply requires legal presence in Alaska for the privilege of a driver's license. Why should Illegal aliens have the right to drive a car down the street when they don't have the lawful right to walk down that same street? That's just common sense."


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