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Where are the energy answers
By Mike Isaac


April 25, 2008

Thank you Mark Neckameyer for pointing out what everyone else in the TV and print media has not asked? What are their answers to the energy problems??? Not only is it affecting the price of food but the travel industry is starting to take a big hit with airlines workers getting laid off due to less people are traveling and rising fuel cost.The cruise ship and hotel industry is also taking a hit. With all that bad news I have heard very little about energy except for John McCain on Sean Hannity's show state that drilling in ANWR won't happen on his watch and the need to move away from oil and invest in things like solar and wind power. The other two people in the race have said little on this most important issue but are big on change

As far as drilling for oil in Alaska (ANWR)I think that is a excellent idea that will most likely never happen. Most people in the eastern half of this country are against that idea since most of that oil is used by us on the west coast.People back east also think of Alaska as a big park and not a state rich in natural resources. As for drilling offshore they already do that in the Long Beach and Santa Barbara areas of So Cal , but with only Alaska and Southern California having Republicans districts along the coast you will likely never see a drilling platform between Bellingham WA and Morro Bay CA. However you have a better chance of drilling off the Florida coast than the very liberal Pacific Northwest.Texas and Louisiana already drill but could drill more if they wanted to.

As for nuclear power we could build enough plants to not just solve the energy problem but generate enough power to not buy any oil or coal from the Mid east, Mexico, Canada and Venezuela. Then we could sell those nations food at a 400% increase just to get them back for ripping us off for so many years. But with 3 big time liberals running for the White House nothing will get done on this issue in the next 4 years just as Bush did nothing in the 6 years he had the House and Senate. What we need is someone like Don Young in the White House Tom McClintock in charge of energy and transportation and Jim Gilchrist in charge of homeland security and immigration before things get better.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: "former longtime resident"

Received April 24, 2008 - Published April 25, 2008


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