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Shoencliff #2
By Charles Edwardson


April 21, 2008
Monday PM

To Assembly Members( Shoencliff):

Whoever coined that phrase should be commended for their astute observations. Most of us can just about bet a six-pack that this coined phrase will come true. The public expressed much of this same doubtful sentiment with the other, less than successful endeavors the borough has undertaken in the past six or seven years. The public expresses their concerns and the assembly just goes about their business any way regardless of public opinion. Their record should speak for itself.

This cannot make any sense to pay someone else to fix up a building that they did not pay for in the first place, and then after ten years give the newly remodeled building to the proud new owner of a totally renovated building, they did not have to pay for. I know I am over simplifying this and am sure the attorney and accountants will explain this to me so I can fully appreciate the genius of this project that is being considered, on the recommendation of someone who probably does not even qualify for a permanent fund yet. When does something have to be so obviously wrong to be considered wrong? I know you guys try, and deserve the respect of your position. You were elected to make these decisions, but how many times are you going to gamble on stupid ideas?

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Tired of complaining and watching Ketchikan constantly making bad decisions. I told myself I would try not write Sitnews any more but sometimes things just have to be said, and at the podium obviously does not work . The ballot box is our only hope even that is a fifty-fifty proposition at best. So thank you for your efforts , but seriously take a look at what has been done in the past and take a look at your actions today. To keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome has a 'name' -- I just can put my finger on what that is. A remodel is almost always an exercise in sentiment,. To build new has many advantages, as does buying opposed to renting or leasing. This in my unsolicited opinion,, (again not representing any group, or lodge, or temple ) this does not make a bit of rational sense."


Received April 21, 2008 - Published April 21, 2008

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