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Shocking News
By Ken Lewis


April 17, 2008
Thursday PM

Being 8-year college credits short of having a Masters Degree in aberrant behavior will not prevent me from chiming in on the recent front page article regarding animal husbandry? Or what ever higher educated folks call it!

As much as I was shocked at the seemingly unnecessary details, and first thought what and the heck is our local news doing printing this dung, I read it again and realized that there was a fellow in our local jail, who will be free soon, free to share the street with my kids. Thanks to the details that slapped me into an unpleasant reality, I used those details to look up this man's photo on the Internet! I now will know if he is sitting next to my kid at a Little League game!

So I guess I am grateful to the Daily News, from a protective father's standpoint! If knowledge is power; candy coating reality may put the power in the perpetrator's tool bag.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 17, 2008 - Published April 17, 2008


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