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New attitude and positive philosophy needed
By Billy Johnson


April 17, 2008
Thursday PM

Instead of building million dollar soccer fields and dreams of moving to lower level competition . . . . maybe it's time to bring in a younger, more hungry coaching staff and philosophy to the Kayhi soccer program.

Personally, I was shocked by the comments made by both Kayhi coaches concerning last weekend's soccer series vs Juneau. One coach admitted defeat in newspaper quotes before the series even started. Excuses were made, by both coaches, about our players having to play and practice with poor field conditions.

How is a high school athlete supposed to be motivated to compete against our biggest rival ­ when before the game starts, their head coach states that they have very little chance to win, that the other team has more talented players and that, because of poor practice conditions, we can't compete with the opposing team.

It's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of.

Our men's coach says that we have no chance to beat Juneau because they have four scholarship athletes and this is one of their best teams of all time. THAT right there should be motivation enough!!!! The opportunity to beat the "greatest" Juneau team of all time? Our coaching staff should have been chomping at the bit to disprove the statement made by the Juneau coach. WE need to go into that game thinking we have a chance to make history!!! Instead, our coach is admitting defeat. Wow.

I know our Kayhi baseball players/coaches were more pumped up when they faced a Chad Bentz or Matt Way. I know our Kayhi basketball players/coaches were more pumped up when they faced a Carlos Boozer or Talisa Rhea. A true champion athlete or coach WANTS to face the best competition possible. They don't want to move down levels to face lower competition. Juneau soccer and football coaches demand excellence. Sitka baseball coaches demand excellence. That's why they win state championships and send players to college and the pros. Our coaches want to play lower level competition, and our parents run out coaches who are too "strict." Then we wonder why we can't compete with Juneau.

Our soccer coaches act like we don't belong on the same field as Juneau . . . and that's a terrible attitude to convey to the players and fans of the sport.

So, again, instead of a million dollar field or dropping to a small-school conference - maybe it's time we change the Kayhi coaching staff. Maybe they've been beaten so many times by Juneau teams that they've lost their will to compete. Maybe it's time to bring in some new coaches who will prepare our kids to battle and compete with Juneau and to beat them more than once every ten years.

A million dollar field isn't going to magically turn us into Bear-Killers overnight, but a new attitude and positive philosophy just might.

Billy Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long Time High School sports fan"

Received April 15, 2008 - Published April 17, 2008


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