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By A. M. Johnson


April 17, 2008
Thursday PM


How often would it be that Al Johnson would agree with Ms. Ortiz (Ketchikan Daily News, Lt to the editor-Bestiality 4/16/08)? My wife and I too, were dumbfounded that a family newspaper would print tabloid crap at best, on not only the front page, but continue the detail for several columns on interior pages. This from a paper that proclaims anonymity for local police reports involving charges far less than those on this case. Yet here every available detail including the perp's name on such a distasteful subject.

With this article a new low for the Ketchikan Daily News has been achieved. Ever surprising as the earlier low mark, in my opinion, had been reached long ago.

While I am venting, do any others notice on the weekly Religion page, this paper with rare exception, inserts articles regarding religion that are contrary, dividing, condescending, if not outright upsetting to those of faith wishing to access positive religion news?

Ketchikan, AK

Received April 16, 2008 - Published April 17, 2008


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