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More Hillary Clinton Tall Tales
By Mark Neckameyer


April 14, 2008
Monday PM

Letter to the Editor;

This weekend Senator Clinton, in a bid to differentiate herself from supposedly elitist Senator Obama who had dissed small town folks during a San Francisco fundraiser last week, told a story about her Dad taking her to her Grandpa's house to shoot guns, target practice after church. She made herself sound like a a cross between Billy Graham's daughter and Annie Oakley. What comes next? We find out she didn't have a Grandfather? She wouldn't answer press questions today about when she last fired a gun OR went to church. Hillary certainly has been a major anti-gun person most of her public life. She enthusiastically supported aggressive gun control lobbying against firearm manufacturers throughout her husband's term in the White House so when the conversion? Didn't she obviously do this just for the sake of, to hoodwink blue collar voters in Indiana and Pennsylvania?

Senator Obama, Harvard educated Millionaire that he is probably is elitist but Hillary is no blue collar hunting/fishing gal herself no mater what airs she puts on. Aren't voters smart enough to spot another Clinton charade? I bet they are.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received April 14, 2008 - Published April 14, 2008


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