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Streets are not safe for roaming animals
By Kimberly Morton


April 14, 2008
Monday PM

I am writing today to express my frustration in seeing dogs get hit outside of my work. In the last month I have or others have witnessed three dogs get hit by cars by Deermount and Tongass Ave. I was driving down today when a black lab and another mix ran right out into the street and hit a car. The car of course slowed down but the dog ran away, and the car drove off. It amazes me the lack of concern for the welfare of these dogs. Hopefully the car that hit the dog called animal control, I know I did as soon as I got back into the office.

As a dog owner I know that it is impossible to keep your dogs on a leash all the time, things happen and they get loose sometimes. Though the amount of dogs I see just roaming the streets is amazing. Please keep your dogs on leashes and don't let them wander the streets. Animals do not think when they cross the street, they don't look both ways and wait for traffic to stop. Animals run out, it is usually not the person driving the car that is at fault but I would hate to have on my conscious that I hit and killed someone's pet. Please watch out for the dogs on the streets, and owners keep your dogs on leashes when outside. The streets are not safe for roaming.

Kimberly Morton
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 14, 2008 - Published April 14, 2008


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