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Where are Iraqi's WMDs?
By Ken Solch


April 09, 2008
Wednesday PM

There is, if anyone would care to research it, much info to show that Iraq's WMDs were moved just before we attacked to Syria and the Bekka Valley in Lebanon. There are maps online showing the several sites that they were transferred to back then. The Russian special forces - Spetsnaz - did this with the help and complicity of Saddam's regime and his close allies in Syria.

We have this documented on satellite photos. Why not much said ? We don't want to tick off the Russians by putting the blame on them. More evidence will , in the next month or two come to light once the US and Israel take on Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.. The weapons will be found and proof will come to light and Bush and those who originally supported the war will be vindicated and the Liberals will find more excuses as usual..

Just a little more time people, just a little more time. Let's now blow this whole thing by pulling out soon like most of the Dems want to do. It will be the beginning of the end if we do get out real soon. Mark my words. Do your own research.. It's out there !!!!

Ken Solch
Ringwood, NJ

About: " I will be 60 this year. 1 year Air Force ROTC in college, later, after graduating from Kent State Univ. in 1970 and seeing first hand the shootings at the college, joined the Army Nat'l Guards. I am a news junky and oftern search the web for new related articles."

Received April 09, 2008 - Published April 09, 2008


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