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Governor Palin Addresses Revenue Sharing
Municipal Leaders From Around the State Join Palin to Urge Legislation


April 25, 2007

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continued to stress the importance of municipal revenue sharing to state legislators Tuesday. During a press conference in the Governor's press room, mayors, assembly and council members from across the state were present to listen and to support Governor Palin's plan to ensure that communities receive revenue sharing and PERS relief this upcoming fiscal year.

Municipal Revenue Sharing is a necessary source of funding for the municipalities of Alaska. Revenue Sharing provides tax relief to the residents of larger communities, while also providing smaller communities with the funds to support basic municipal services.

jpg Governor and Mayors

Governor Palin and Mayors from across Alaska stood together
in support of passing legislation that would provide Alaskan
communities with 48 million dollars in revenue sharing.
Photograph courtesy Office of the Governor

"Many communities across the state depend on revenue sharing to survive," said Tim Bourcy, AML President and Mayor of Skagway. "Revenue sharing provides smaller communities with the funds to get by on a daily basis."

Governor Palin has continued to support revenue sharing and PERS relief. She showed her support by including $48 million for revenue sharing and $78 million for PERS relief in the proposed FY08 operating budget.

"I have been consistent in my belief that services are best provided at the most local level possible. It is the most responsive level of government that can best prioritize the services and projects supported by Alaskans. Today, there are certain extraordinary circumstances and costs that have a real negative impact on our ability to meet Alaskans' needs. This year, oil prices have placed the state in a position to assist local governments in providing relief. When this state can afford it, we should pass that relief on," said Governor Palin.

The Governor continued by stating, "This [revenue sharing] is something the state could afford back when oil was $9 a barrel."

However, both the House and Senate, to date, have removed revenue sharing from the Governor's budget.

The mayors and municipal officials from across the state in attendance during Tuesday's press conference were: Mayor Mark Begich, Municipality of Anchorage; Mayor Tim Bourcy, City of Skagway and AML President; Mayor David Talerico, Denali Borough; Mayor Jerome Selby, Kodiak Island Borough; Mayor Kurt Menard, Matanuska-Susitna Borough; Mayor John Combs, City of Palmer; Mayor Shirley Marquardt, City of Unalaska; Mayor John Williams, Kenai Peninsula Borough; Mayor Joe Williams, Ketchikan Gateway Borough; Mayor Bob Weinstein, City of Ketchikan; Mayor Bert Cottle, City of Valdez; Assemblyman Chris Birch, Municipality of Anchorage; Councilwoman Kay Andrews, City of Aleknagik; Councilwoman Katherine McGlashan, City of Unalaska; and Larry Semmens, City of Kenai, Finance Director.

The strong attendance of municipal officials coincides with an AML Revenue Sharing & PERS/TRS Summit meeting at the Westmark Baranof Hotel in Juneau, April 24 and 25.


Source of News & Photograph:

Office of the Governor


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