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Parents Contacted Regarding Latest Threat
No plans to cancel School


April 10, 2007
Tuesday PM

Ketchikan, Alaska - Acting Ketchikan School Superintendent Evvy Barnes announced today that a threat was found at Schoenbar Middle School. According to the announcement, the administration immediately followed procedure and notified proper authorities by phone or email.

Schoenbar Building Principal Bob Hewitt worked with the Ketchikan Police Department to investigate the threat which contained two possible initials. Hewitt along with Dean of Students, Doug Nausid, contacted the parents of students matching the initials. They then met with those parents and their students in small groups to explain the situation and gather information. According to the announcement, parents expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the contact.

In an attempt to inform all Schoenbar families, a note was sent home with each student and provided to each staff member. The note read:

"This morning a threat was found on a bathroom stall written with soap at Schoenbar School. The threat referenced some initials. Students and their parents with names matching the initials were contacted as well as the Ketchikan Police Department. There was no specific information in the note. The investigation is ongoing.

We are providing this information to you in an effort to keep you informed. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either of us."

Bob Hewitt 225-5138
Evvy Barnes 247-2114

At this time, there are no plans to cancel school. Schoenbar Principal Hewitt will contact staff to be vigilant in coming school days. Hewitt will also continue to work with authorities to investigate this matter further.


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