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Re Immigration Reform
By Mike Isaac


April 30, 2007
Monday PM

As long as George Bush is in the White House we the American people must not trust anything that man has to say when it comes to immigration reform. And another thing, just because he has a R next to his name does not make him a Republican. He is just as liberal as Bill Clinton on many important issues, he tends to showcase issues like stems cells and pro life to fool the voters but when it comes to important issues he's out to lunch. Flake-Gutierrez is nothing but full blown amnesty and even Nancy Pelosi WILL NOT LET IT HAVE A FLOOR VOTE UNLESS AT LEAST 70 Republicans sign on this bill. Even she is smart enough not to let her fellow DEMS destroy their chances in 08.

On the other hand there is some good news out there, with home prices in California starting at $500,000 and Ariz, Nev, Or and Wash following the trend the problem is being pushed into other states, as the problem heads east political hacks in those state will get a ear full from their voters and putting a stops to this nonsense will get easier. And maybe the 08 election will put a stop to this nonsense for good.

Mike Isaac
Big Bear Lake, CA

Received April 28, 2007 - Published April 30, 2007

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