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Big Changes are Coming.
By George Miller


April 30, 2007
Monday PM

Yes, as the title to this note states, there are big changes coming to this city and region, possibly not from sources you imagine. For over one hundred years Christians have been working in this region, some have been real life giving ministries. Now there are more working than before, building on the labors of those who first brought the message of salvation from sin and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

At this time a prayer movement is arising that will mean wickedness will be revealed, no matter how well concealed. A while back I warned those who persist in dark deeds to stop and get a new life going. We all know people who snub their nose at right and resist making wholesome choices, serving only themselves at another's expense. Drug suppliers will be exposed, those who prey on the young will be stopped, those who make a tidy profit from alcohol addicts will have their heart changed. Unrighteous government will be rooted out and replaced with honest officials.

A prayer movement is targeting every level of this region and no stone will be left unturned. True authority will be applied to all aspects of the communities and spirits of darkness will be expelled. The schools will become safe places for hearts and mind of the kids, as will the streets. the number of families who are devoted to Christ will dramatically increase. they will stand for the traditional family values found in the Bible, The Word of God.

Legislation designed to stop the message of the Judeo-Christian ethic will be shown for what it really is, authorization to promote evil.

Many will have to choose as the lines a demarcation become much more clear. It is either God and His Word, or the godless and their natural world-view, which says there is nothing beyond us and no power greater than us. Either Jesus and forgivness from sin, or continuing in spiritual blindness without Him.

He (Jesus) has risen from the dead and proves it daily with all kinds of miraculous works done through the hands and deeds of those who know Him. We are increasing the prayer over this place and every person will be touched. All will have some kind of interaction with God brought on by this prayer movement. You will know and hear of those who are saved from their sin, healed of their disease, and released from the chains of addiction, and you will be face up with the fact that Jesus has done these things through His great love of every man woman and child.

George Miller
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 30, 2007 - Published April 30, 2007

About: "George is pastor of Good News Fellowship in Ketchikan, and also works as a substance abuse counselor."



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