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"Honesty and Character"
By Al Johnson


April 22, 2007


I stand by my post "Honesty and Character". There is no harassing, obscene nor threatening comments contained within the submission.

Webster offers the following. "Fact" (1)Something known with certainty. 2.Something asserted as certain. 3. Something that has been objectively verified. 4. Something having real, demonstrable existence.

Ketchikan School Board Member Jackson did in fact, use the recreation center for a period of months without paying the normal fees. Perhaps Ketchikan foster children should ask Mr. Jackson how a system of not paying works.

Board Member Schafer, a CPA, a fiduciary agent, did suggest increasing the student count higher than projected with the thoughts that if the count did increase no harm done, and if not, giving the ill-gotten funding from the Borough back might be avoided. This took place in the presence of Mr. Martin, Mr. Lieben and the business manager Lance Mertz. Mr. Lieben is part of the recall cabal.

Board President Lieben does indeed have a website and Ms. Kauffman kindly included a link to this site and Lieben's post that confirms the former remarks of such "friends" as porn stars.

Board Member Eakes, admitted that she did in fact make an error in being presumptuous with attempting to make public confidential information regarding potential principal hires.

Mr. Maynard's opinion characterization in this weekend edition of the KDN captures the confirmation as it relates to due process, trust, integrity, fiscal responsibility, communications and most important, student role models. These four board members failed in their community review.

In an honorable Ketchikan society, immediate resignation would be in order.

I thank Ms. Kauffman for her astute awareness in ignoring political correctness running amok.


Ketchikan, AK

Received April 22, 2007 - Published April 22, 2007

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