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Ketchikan School Board
By Rick Krueger


April 18, 2007
Wednesday PM

Dear Editor,

I may be stupid or just ignorant, but why are former "school teachers" or members of the local N.E.A. (Teacher's Union) SERVING on the local School Board???????

Have Ketchikan voters totally taken leave of their senses???? Talk about a %$$%&*### "conflict of interest"!!!!

I hope that the recall addresses this moronic decision. I could go on and on, but why bother?? I will be called "biased" and other choice names, but you know what? At least I can still think logically.

The above mentioned people should resign immediately if the above applies to them.

Give me a %$#$&* break!!!!!!

Rick Krueger
Sitka, AK

Received April 18, 2007 - Published April 18, 2007

About: "Former Ketchikan resident now residing in the Democratic People's Republic of Sitka."




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