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McCombs: Free to Roam
By Amanda Chandler


April 16, 2007

As Margaret McCombs great neice, I would like to thank SitNews for printing the article regarding Margaret McCombs. Through the article written by Louise B. Harrington, I was able to gain greater insight into a great part of my family history.

I am Margaret's great neice---her sister was my great grandmother, Cynthia Wakefield, and my father is Edward Lemke, who is Margaret's nephew (I hope I have all of that right). Although I cannot be there to share in the joy of her 100th birthday, I still would like to send her my love and extend my contact information to Marion and Yvonna, as I am afraid we have lost contact over the years.

Amanda Chandler
Roswell, NM

Received April 16, 2007 - Published April 16, 2007

About: " Former resident of Ketchikan, Alaska and mother of three. Also, Margaret McCombs great neice"


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Monday - April 16, 2007



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