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"Do we really need a new public library?"
By Robert Fruehan


April 14, 2007

This is a question to Mr. Warner. Are you saying the current library has enough books? Needing more space in a public library makes a lot of sense, how much is spent and where it goes often does not. With that being said, I believe that the library does need more room for more books. After all that is why you go to the library, they can never have enough books. In order for the library to offer more to the population it has (computers are great but reading a book on one is not) they must expand their space so they can add more variety. I don't mean to say that the amount of money or location is the best idea, I do not have an opinion on that either way. I only simply state that for the library to need more space for books is a good idea. As a book lover, I find that the bigger the library, the more books there are, the more books there are the more you use/enjoy the place.

Robert Fruehan
Sand Point, AK

Received April 12, 2007 - Published April 14, 2007

About: " Longtime Ketchikan resident currently residing on a small island in the Aleutians."




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