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By Bill Thomas Sr.


April 14, 2007

Dear Sitnews,

I just want to thank Ms Alaire Stanton for punctuating the point I was trying to make in an earlier publication. I agree with the fact that we've had several fine superintendents in the past. The last one being the most recent. Yes, they had doctorates, but they left on no better terms than Mr. Martin did.

The board of education is a very responsible position and I continue to appreciate those that are willing to serve in that, in many cases, thankless position. While I appreciate their attempts at serving our community, I say it should not be used as a training ground for those with no experience. The students deserve experienced and knowledgeable leadership in this process.

I'm also learning that past members of the board of education apparently are not that much past members. Some have family as instructors of whom I've had the pleasure of being an associate at one time. I have never and still have never considered them anything than being a friend.

I realized when I was employed by the school district, that the instructors were becoming more political than professional in terms of education instructors and all things definitely were not equal. I thought the threat was grave in the early 90's. However, I realize now that those were good times compared to the way they are now.

Stop for a moment and see what were contributing factors for the loss of many pertinent programs and activities and the cutback on what's left of those programs and activities. Are the students getting improved instruction equal to the pay increases?

Yielding to special interests and micro-managing, I don't believe is the answer. I wish I could say I anticipate circumstances to improve as time goes on, but I'm sorry I can't honestly say I feel they will. I can only say, best of luck to those that try. And I wish the best for our remaining and future students.


Bill thomas Sr
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 12, 2007 - Published April 14, 2007



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