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A Time to Refocus
By Michael Spence


April 11, 2007
Wednesday PM

The taxpayers of mainstream USA aren't the only ones that have been fleeced by the Gravina Project. There are thousands of Ketchikan residents who contribute to the federal treasury and the Ketchikan borough that have paid and will continue to pay for that blunder. Their roads and infrastructure are a mess, the schools are in a disarray, and it will take years to repair the damage.

While the Ketchikan borough and local leaders were fancying themselves to be the World Bank, the Federal Treasury and a Regional Industrial Subsidy Board, all rolled into one, there were a few details they neglected. School maintenance and reconstruction, infrastructure and road maintenance, and oversight of ongoing projects, to name a few. In the name of job creation , funding was provided for these projects but no oversight to their successful completion.

Our community leadership must re-focus. It is time to start paying attention to the more mundane matters of a community, not the big sexy projects that will put dollars in the pockets of a few big campaign contributors or to satisfy the delusions of grandeur of a few.


Michael Spence

Received April 11, 2007 - Published April 11, 2007




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