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Tongass Roads
By Joan Hurliman


April 10, 2007
Tueday PM

Just another week of listening to the 24 hours of 'thunk, thunking' as traffic passes over the attractive large piece of metal lying in the north bound lane of Tongass. The Seniors at SeaView wonder just how many more summers we will be afforded the pleasure of not being able to cross Tongass Avenue to go to the post office or catch the bus.

I feel really bad for the City, State and Secon not being able to come together on an acceptable solution, but, while everyone is driving around and surveying the situation, the seniors are the ones being punished and getting injured in their attempts to go about their daily duties. Could we please have suggestions on how we are to cross Tongass once the "tour buses" start up? I feel certain the tourist to Ketchikan are going to be 'excited' with the road conditions and the "wait time" encountered on north and south Tongass (as are most of our local drivers).

I must give a thank you to Bruce at Secon for his attempt to quieten the noise, but it's NOT working, with all the traffic 24 hours day after day. Could either a City, State or Secon worker come and let us know what's happening, or are we too old to 'understand'?

Another big thanks to the lady who answers the phone at the city offices. I called with a legitimate question, and was rudely told she was "not an information center", just before she slammed down the phone. May I suggest she be given a lesson in 'people skills', and reminded, we help pay her salary.

Joan Hurliman
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 09, 2007 - Published April 10, 2007

About: "Resident of SeaView Terrace,and a very outspoken advocate of Senior Citizens"




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