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Coming Home to Ketchikan
By Aisha Marshall


April 10, 2007
Tueday PM

My name is Aisha and I moved to Ketchikan when I was 2 years old. I am now 11 years old. I moved to Spokane 2 years ago this coming August. I had the chance to come back to Ketchikan and visit this spring break. It is my 'home'. I also had a chance to visit my 'family' the Antonsens and my friends. My aunty Beth Antonsen let me row the boat that she built for me. What a great memory.

I am very connected to Ketchikan and I wanted to visit so that I could see what it looked like after 2 years. I went fishing, built a bon fire, and took walks on the beach. I went to my favorite book store, Parnassus. I even saw Lilian even though she was no longer working at the book store.

Living in Spokane is nice but I sure miss the water in Ketchikan. It only rained 2 times when I was there. I miss the rain at times. On my next vacation I plan on having my mom come with me so that we can enjoy Ketchikan together. She also loves the rain, going hiking and walking on the beach.

Aisha Marshall
Spokane, WA

Received April 08, 2007 - Published April 10, 2007

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