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K-town in general
By Richard Harney


April 08, 2007

Dear Parents and students of Ketchikan, (and anyone else who cares)

First and foremost is this issue with the school board and the removal of Mr. Martin and the possible promotion of Mr. Eklund. No body likes the government or any authority body that does something for the "greater good." This was true while I was in high school and its happening at the university that I'm at now. The school board, while I attended Ketchikan High School, was continuously attacked by teachers and parents. Think about it what else do they have to do in a small town!! Not a lot, especially with all the rain. The teachers would come to class all hot and bothered because of something, didn't matter what. They would not teach anything to us students instead they would spout some gibberish about their political views. The teacher would then encourage an all out revolt by the students to protest and attend the next school board meeting to help "show the board what the students felt." This is hogwash, I was sucked into one such occurrence. Once I found out what really was going on my opinion for the board changed slightly, but my RESPECT for that teacher was gone.

In the House they (politicians) are trying to pass a law that would prohibit professors at the college level from spewing their, mainly left and idealistic, view points on the paying students. This law should be passed, but also should go for the teachers in PUBLIC schools. These teachers are the ones that are shaping the minds of the future. This is great if they present both sides, but they don't. They poison the minds of a small percent of the student body (those that are interested in "real life" instead of being a kid). These students do what they are TOLD to do, not what they have decided for themselves as the TRUTH.

This point is brought to light by this new, and might I say GREAT, site where anyone can place a blog or comment on anything. Now I just found out about the site but I couldn't join, don't know why but it doesn't matter. This site is great for the youth to protest, argue, disagree, and stay connected with each other without reprimand from the ADULTS or TEACHERS. According to some of the posts that I did read, they seem just as informed as the voters of this great land, maybe even a little more so. Some of the posts were a little racy, but that is the new generations way of venting without going to jail in doing so.

To the kids, sorry people of the UNDERGROUND: please do not let someone else's views hurt you. We all do not agree with everything, even scientists and Gore do not agree on issues. SO GO TO SCHOOL, more than K high, LISTEN TO ALL SIDES, AGREE DISSAGREE INTERPRET BUT STAY OPEN TO ALL OPINIONS. no matter how daft they appear.

Now on to an issue that I have been hearing about and I don't like the way its being told. So this is my opinion, and just that, from what I've heard through the grape vine. I am not in high school any more, thank gods, because I enjoyed while I was there, but now.... The main reason that an employee of the school was sent on "vacation" I mean leave was because that person pressured a teacher into giving a passing grade to an athlete so they participate. This is not new I know but it has been going on for entirely too long. Basketball players caught smoking cigarettes or driving recklessly high on cocaine or drinking at a party or... do you want me to go on. I specifically cited BASKETBALL players because no other athletes are given this much lee way. Soccer players have been kicked off the team for being seen, not caught, but just seen smoking a cig. Finally someone said something about this behavior and what happens.... the HIPPIES on the school board want to promote him to be the leader. I could be all wrong on this issue, for being out of the town for some time now, but you students and past grads KNOW this to be the truth and I'm sick of it. Even at college you see the same type of kids not doing anything and getting a passing grade. Some of them can't even read or do basic math.

This post is just somethings that I have been witnessing from a far, very far. But still needed to, in my opinion, be addressed. To everyone that wonders why I care still...because ONCE A KAY HIGH GRAD ALWAYS A KAY HIGH GRAD. I feel very strong connections to the rock that we call K-town and I hate to see so much disagreement about the education that at one time was one of the toughest and greatest high schools to attend in the NATION and now I feel that it will become lower than that of Phoenix schools (they are very bad).

Please listen to each other, sit down and decide what you (those that have kids and the kids) want to learn and how to achieve it. Not peace and love because we all know that doesn't work, force and negotiations. Like an old lady in one of my politics classes said "let's agree to disagree to come to a solution."

Richard Harney
K-high class president of 2001
Phoenix, AZ

Received April 06, 2007 - Published April 08, 2007

About: " Graduate from Ketchikan High School, resident for 15+ years"



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