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The Liberating Truth
By George Miller


April 08, 2007

Have you ever broken one of the Ten Commandments? Have you ever had something more important to you than God? (idols) Have you ever told any color of a lie? (perhaps white) Perhaps you have desired something forbidden? ( the neighbor, or their stuff) Any of these infractions constitute commandment breaking, so if we are honest we are guilty of being beakers of God's Divine Law. All sin separates us from God, and so we are all separated from the life source, our Creator. His solution for our crimes was to provide the cure. He sent His Son Jesus, the cure, to satisfy the judgement due for our crimes against God. Much of the Christian world celebrates Good Friday as the day Jesus was offered up for our sin. A clean and sinless offering satisfied the judgement we had coming. HE did it because HE LOVES US. He was the only possible approved payment. Without his sacrifice applied to our sinful crimes we are lost and will not see the everlasting joy prepared for all who throw their whole trust in HIM. Even though the toture and death of Jesus was horrifying to see from our perspective, God the Father sees it as the beautiful act it is, reconciling us to our God through Jesus the Savior. He is populating heaven from every people group on earth, regardless of their background. He has liberated us from a sure eternity without light or true life or joy. To top it all off HE vanquished the enemy He calls death by getting up from the dead on the resurrection day some call easter. Sorry , bunnies or eggs are really not part of the story.

So , meet the Liberator, Jesus Christ, King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords,,,,only Jesus can forgive your crimes against God , and give you life forever with Him in Heaven.

George Miller
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 06, 2007 - Published April 08, 2007

About: " George is pastor of Good News Fellowship in Ketchikan Alaska. A non-denominational New Testament Church."




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