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Hooray for Purebred Dogs!
By Vickie Hansen


April 05, 2007
Thursday PM

As I read Sitnews today, I was shocked at some of the ignorant opinions I read about purebred dogs.

There are all kinds of breeders in the world. Backyard breeders, puppymills, someone who has a mixed breed dog and lets them run down the road and breed with the neighbors mixed breed dog, they also should be classified as breeders. These are all irresponsible breeders.

Then there are respectable breeders, hobby breeders, people who breed because they love dogs. People who breed for temperament and to improve the bloodlines. A good breeder who sells their puppies as registered is not trying to get rich. They are taking that money and putting it right back into the care of their dogs. Yearly vaccinations, vet visits, health supplies, grooming supplies, good quality dog food, etc. A good breeder has a health guarantee against genetic defects. Do those people standing in front of the grocery store giving them away for free offer a health guarantee? A person who is willing to pay for a purebred dog is one of the first signs for a breeder, that the person will also be able to care for that dog.

I am proud to be affiliated with AKC. The website is full of informative information for new puppy owners and breeders of purebred dogs. When your dog is registered you can trace their heritage and accomplishments back from generation to generation. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy litter of purebred puppies!

I feel great sadness for all the dogs that are unloved and dumped off at shelters. This is truly awful. To whoever made the comment about the shelters being full of show dogs ....... this is a total untruth. Go ahead call up one of these show people and try and buy a puppy from them. They are a very proud group of people, who either sell on a show contract, or as pet/companions if they will sell to you at all. They do not put their dogs in shelters when they are done showing.

I am sure there are many dogs in shelters who would make pets. I am also sure there are many dogs in shelters who have been treated badly, and will be affected by that, and many dogs in poor health (do I not recall a parvo outbreak a couple years ago in a local shelter where all dogs had to be euthanized)?

I'd like to see you show up at the Eukanabu Championship, and tell those show breeders their dogs are worthless. So for all you purebred dog owners out there, don't let these people belittle us.

Vickie Hansen
Craig, AK

Received April 04, 2007 - Published April 05, 2007



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